MAGIQ Software: Driving Agile and Informed Organizational Decision-making

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MAGIQ Software: Driving Agile and Informed Organizational Decision-making

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Colin Lillywhite, CEO, MAGIQ SoftwareColin Lillywhite, CEO
An international provider of Cloud corporate performance management software, MAGIQ Software focuses on helping its clients to effectively manage their financial budgeting, reporting, and planning activities to achieve greater transparency and improved decision-making across the entire organization.

“Our journey began with providing detailed budgeting solutions to the public sector, and other community service delivery focused organizations,” says Colin Lillywhite, CEO, MAGIQ Software.

“Over time we have evolved the MAGIQ Performance Cloud Platform to provide our clients with a rich and agile budgeting, planning and reporting environment – designed specifically for the Finance team to help them efficiently meet governance and legislative requirements.”

The MAGIQ Performance Platform provides a highly automated corporate performance management framework that tracks, measures and analyzes organizational performance.

By eliminating manual MS Excel spreadsheet processes, MAGIQ Performance gives the finance team more time to focus on higher value insights and analysis. It helps them build and publish contextual reports and dashboards, providing stakeholders with relevant, easy to consume business analytics. Moreover, MAGIQ Performance empowers managers across the organisation by providing far greater visibility of decision-making information.

Today the MAGIQ Performance Platform is used by more than 400 organisations across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Singapore, the UK, the US, and South Africa.

Key markets include local government, health and community services, utilities, education, and the not for profit sectors.

The City of Whittlesea invested in MAGIQ Performance to deliver on the strategic goal of implementing a single enterprise-wide reporting solution. Council has achieved significant improvements in efficiency and data consistency by replacing a number of spreadsheet based departmental reporting processes with MAGIQ Performance.

With more than 1200 staff, labour costs were a significant area of expenditure for Council. Each operational manager was provided with access to regular, highly accurate reporting on their labour costs, enabling them to carefully consider and manage costs to fully optimise their labour budgets. A result within one percent of budget for labour costs was achieved as a direct result of the data quality and transparency MAGIQ provides to operational managers.

Another customer to benefit significantly from the MAGIQ Performance Platform was Xavier College. With more than 700 staff across three campuses, the College was on the lookout to improve its business efficiency and staff productivity by streamlining the budgeting process. It also required a highly flexible reporting framework to meet the needs of its internal and external stakeholders. The college implemented MAGIQ Performance to deliver efficient reporting and budgeting processes, which led to significant time-savings. Every Department Head had access to historical and contextual data to help them make better and more informed business decisions. The overall quality of the budgeting process was improved, saving 50 percent time spent on gathering the budgetary data and allotting more time to high-value analysis, strategic, and planning activity.

MAGIQ Software’s CEO Colin Lillywhite is very excited by the move to the Cloud which he believes will provide clients with even greater agility and access to exciting new product innovations.

“We envisage our clients will be able to engage and participate in a unique marketplace where they will be able to easily share and consume dashboards, widgets and reports for example. This exciting innovation will enable the Finance team to rapidly deliver excellent value across the entire organization.”