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CIO VendorVic Datta, CEO
Processes for us are cross functional and they can’t be perceived as being in silos,” enunciates Vic Datta, CEO, Resilicore. “Today, a lot of companies are contemplating investments in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation in the back office for process improvement and overhead reduction.” The Reston, VA-based Resilicore employs process improvement strategies to build bespoke Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions that minimize project duration, irrespective of inhibiting factors such as employee attrition. Paraphrasing the CEO, the essence of Resilicore is inspired from the idea of “core resilience” which encompasses process, people, operating models, and technology, all working in concert to build robust and resilient business models.

By giving the different management levels in an organization a clear perspective on how their business functions, Resilicore’s CPM solutions help analyze functional and departmental processes, create bespoke operating models, augment profitability levels, and minimize risks. Resilicore’s CPM product offerings are typically sector-sensitive as the firm positions itself to cater to a diverse range of industries—light manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), process related industries such as chemical firms, and educational and professional services. Resilicore also delivers sustainable solutions to the private equity industry to drive operational transformation efficiency and accrual of pecuniary benefits within a short span. “Lack of quality consolidation and reporting is a major impediment for private equity portfolio businesses, as events like acquisitions necessitate regular reporting to a new investor,” points out Datta. Here, Resilicore steps in to optimize the “record to forecast process” and guides a private equity firm or an investor through integration, operations, tax strategy, IT, and compliance requirements.

Resilicore’s robust reporting capabilities enable portfolio companies and investors to review and evaluate financial performances, in addition to management information, and gain a better understanding of their business model.

Resilicore’s robust reporting capabilities enable portfolio companies and investors to review and evaluate financial performances

Resilicore’s event-driven focus allows customers to rely on their expertise to mitigate the risks involved with events such as acquisitions, divestitures, or IPO readiness. After creating a strong and resilient business process framework, Resilicore matches it with proven operating models to allow their clients to realize process efficiencies.

In one instance, Resilicore helped improve the billing process of an environmental services business by bringing their Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) from an average 75 days to 52 days and reducing their bad debts by 50 percent within the first 6 months of implementation. Besides effectively streamlining the training process for the client’s dispersed on-site inspection workforce, Resilicore reviewed the hazardous materials disposal directives issued to them to create a best practice template for efficient on-field decision-making support. The comprehensive training process designed by Resilicore led to substantial productivity gains for the customer as their revenues rose by 22 percent, without undertaking any additional projects.

Resilicore is currently retooling their efforts to cater to high growth mid-market firms that are transaction-intensive, impacted by the regulatory environment, and have large supply chains. Moving ahead, Resilicore wants to focus on expanding its services to include staff augmentation on long-term transformational projects in order to help enterprises with mergers and acquisitions, crisis management plans for financial frauds, and divestitures. “There are tremendous opportunities in the consumer and high technology businesses where we can deliver a robust, quality of earnings reviews and analyses, to support organic and in-organic growth plans,” elaborates Datta. The firm also plans to extend its services to banks and law firms, to proffer solutions for dispute resolution, fraud management, and litigation support.