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CIO VendorRoger Burks, Executive Managing Director
“Systems don’t think, people think; and the people running tomorrow’s leading enterprises will have a sustainable process improvement mindset,” emphasizes Roger Burks, Executive Managing Director, WG Consulting. Houston, TX-based WG Consulting is a full-service consulting firm, helping clients around the globe achieve sustained financial and operational improvements cost-effectively, with a specific focus on dynamic Energy, Power & Utilities, Manufacturing & Services and Transportation & Logistics companies. “Firms striving to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace today need to extract meaningful insights from their operational and financial data through a unified or ‘Converged’ view of performance that goes beyond traditional ‘finance only’ approaches,” continues Burks. “Technology is an enabler, a means to achieving a business goal. We work with clients to deliver sustainable financial and operational excellence within a company by going back to the basics—people, processes, and then systems.”

WG Consulting’s EPM professionals focus on a simple truth; ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. “Traditional EPM was about Finance; Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting,” says Burks. “It was isolated in the organization and retrospective, driving by looking in the rear-view mirror. Being reactive is insufficient, management needs to know to actively create the outcomes they want, and modern EPM systems, with sophisticated scenario modeling, cloud-based accessibility and ‘Big Data’ technologies let us do that in ways most management teams or Finance professionals cannot imagine. EPM is the driver of everything, the scoreboard, and those numbers don’t lie,” asserts Burks. He adds, “EPM is not a system, it is an organizational value that relies on information, not instinct, for fact-based, accelerated decision making.”

Paraphrasing Roger Burks, a system is not the complete solution but the need for technology as an enabler has caused WG Consulting to form strategic alliances with the leaders in EPM software to deliver client-centric solutions that drive growth.

Our EPM practice helps enterprises constantly optimize their business performance by identifying and monitoring the information and processes that drive sustained excellence

The company works with every major EPM vendor including Host Analytics, Oracle, OneStream and BlackLine, focusing on “cloud based” solutions that the Business can own and delivering capabilities “Better, Faster and Cheaper”, one of Burk’s mantras. These “SaaS” based solutions break down information silos in an organization, provide enterprise-wide visibility into their financial and operating results and quickly deliver “one version of the truth”. “Companies need to focus their people on analyzing information and acting, not acquiring data and debating which report is right,” says Burks.

These tools enable a key component of WG’s “Instant Insight” vision, one in which the classic monthly “record and report” model is replaced by processes and technologies that provide management with near time visibility into performance today that can be used to change performance tomorrow. “We need to change our processes to embrace the possibilities that EPM creates for informed operational excellence,” says Burks, who continued “budgeting and forecasting, financial close, account reconciliation, production optimization, inventory rationalization and supply chain, labor management and enterprise reporting; these are all processes that WG helps clients fundamentally transform with EPM solutions.”

Looking ahead, WG Consulting will continue to deliver fully integrated EPM solutions, bringing in leading practices from Business Intelligence/Visualization, Big Data and other areas to create a richer view of truly “Enterprise” Performance Management. “We will go deeper and wider in the EPM area. Our focus on business effectiveness, optimized with enabling technology is going to win the day,” concludes Burks.