Top 10 CPM Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

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Top 10 CPM Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

With the recent advances in technology, the conventional performance management procedures in organizations have gone beyond devising strategies, policies and practices for establishing performance expectations, and measuring and monitoring the results. Business leaders are increasingly adopting a comprehensive performance management system that further plays an imperative role in attracting and retaining key employees. These systems are being designed specifically to help significantly improve a company’s overall business performance. This restructuring is often also focused on employee performance management strategies to drive business results and enhance productivity through employee engagement. Organizations are prioritizing continuous feedback and leveraging tools that provide real-time analysis of employee potential.

Besides keeping every employee aligned with the organization strategy, managers today are focused on building a culture of open communication as a way to gauge worker effectiveness. The pressing need for real-time corporate performance analysis and reduced operating costs are driving the adoption of CPM solutions worldwide. By assessing the overhead costs and reviewing performance metrics, CPM enables business organizations to conform to their performance objectives. CPM creates lucrative business opportunities by effectively analyzing historic and current market trends and providing valuable insights to enterprises. CPM smartly integrates all the HR technology tools that companies need to map out career trajectories and mentor people to become their best selves.

With CPM playing a pivotal role in shaping today’s enterprises, determining the appropriate solution provider becomes a daunting task. In the latest edition of CFO Tech Outlook, we bring to you “Top 10 Corporate Performance Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top CPM Consulting/Service Companies

  • BPM Partners is a privately held advisory services firm with an exclusive focus on business performance management (BPM) solutions. The firm’s BPM experts help companies solve their most pressing business performance challenges with a comprehensive, rapid, and cost-effective BPM methodology. The company helps organizations address their budgeting, planning, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, profitability optimization, key performance indicator (KPI) development, and operational performance challenges with vendor-neutral experts who can guide companies through their BPM initiatives from start to finish while both reducing risk and minimizing costs.

  • Grandview brings to the table a combination of strategy, technology, artificial intelligence, and data-driven intuition to solve most complex business challenges. Be it traditional financial planning, financial reporting, financial analytics, operational analytics, or operational optimization, we provide everything the executives require to have greater insight into the organization for driving intelligent decisions that create value. In doing so, the company embeds analytics across the enterprise, providing clients with the ability to synthesize information from all data sources, explore trends and glean insights into operational performance and the workforce faster

  • CompIntelligence


    CompIntelligence has been providing professional services to the HR, Finance, and IT offices since 2002. With distinct practices comprising education, consulting, support, and placement services in enterprise/ corporate performance management and equity compensation, the firm’s goal is to provide the highest quality products and quality customer service over the lifetime of its client relationships. CompIntelligence seasoned professionals provide financial management solutions that have developed a full catalog of education and training programs, in response to clients’ needs. The firm uses its extensive national network of dedicated compensation and EPM experts to provide clients with permanent and temporary staffing solutions.

  • Holland Parker

    Holland Parker

    HollandParker is a Platinum-Level OneStream XF implementation partner, migrating businesses from fragmented corporate performance management applications to the modern, unified OneStream platform. The company delivers OneStream software implementation consolidations, planning & budgeting, and reporting & analytics for companies across multiple industries. HollandParker provides and supports services for OneStream XF MarketPlace solutions to extend the value of the OneStream XF platform. Because the company specializes in OneStream XF software, it implements faster than other OneStream implementation partners. HollandParker expertise in accounting, finance, IT, and business processes to ensure complete implementation and follow-through support.

  • Kaufman Hall

    Kaufman Hall

    Kaufman Hall offers enterprise performance management software, management consulting services, and benchmark data and analytics that enable clients to sustain success amidst a changing environment. Hospitals and health systems partner with Kaufman Hall to enhance net patient service revenue via targeted performance improvement initiatives that comprise a disciplined, data-driven approach. The firm’s experts have the tools and expertise to help clients’ power transformational change across all areas and gain breakthrough performance improvement. Kaufman Hall aid organizations to prioritize initiatives, identify opportunities for improvement, guide implementation, and gain long-term gains in performance

  • Kinetek Consulting

    Kinetek Consulting

    Kinetek is a company reputed for its pioneering services and solutions in the areas of performance management, financial planning, and business analytics. The company serves a wide range of organizations with its consulting expertise. Business ecosystems are under constant transformation. As a trusted partner, Kinetek assists companies in navigating the changes efficiently, without compromising on business outcomes. With a flexible approach that supports on-site, remote, part-time, or full-time consultancy for several widely-used software like Deltek Costpoint and IBM Cognos, Kinetek ensures that its clients optimize performance and achieve outcomes effortlessly.

  • Peak Analytics

    Peak Analytics

    Peak Analytics is dedicated to providing versatile business intelligence and corporate performance management tools for firms that want to enhance business performance and profitability by using their corporate data for effective management decision making across their firm. The firm offers Corporate Performance Management (CPM) services that can assist organizations with board implementation, budgeting & forecasting, Performance Management, and predictive analytics. In order to offer the above capabilities, Peak Analytics integrates enterprise-wide budgeting, financial planning, and forecasting with reporting, analysis, dash-boarding, and analytics. Thus, organizations can leverage historical data to make decisions and propel future business performance based on analytics that is designed specifically for business users.

  • SDG Group

    SDG Group

    Founded in 1994, the SDG Group is a leading name in the domain of management consulting. As experts in corporate performance management, business analytics, and advanced business architectures, the company has empowered several organizations spanning different sectors. From its initial days, SDG Group is known for its innovative and technology-backed approaches towards fostering better planning and control for its clients. Currently, it delivers unmatched insights and expertise with which businesses can optimize digital capabilities and access improved strategy, decision, and governance. In the process, SDG Group has been successful in making performance management data-driven.

  • The Hackett Group

    The Hackett Group

    The Hackett Group is a leading consultancy and benchmarking company that enables digital transformations for businesses across the globe. It provides expertise in diverse areas, including corporate performance management. Measuring performance excellence becomes data-driven and convenient with Hackett Group’s offerings that include modern, cloud-based planning and modeling tools. With well-integrated modules, the company helps its clients eliminate manual processes and adopt fact-based operations. Aspects like business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting attain a significant edge with tailor-made performance management implementations that are deployed by Hackett Group’s experienced consultants.

  • Turnkey Technologies

    Turnkey Technologies

    Turnkey Technologies has established itself as one of the major corporate performance management (CPM) service providers. The firm leverages organizational data to power their business intelligence (BI) solutions. Insights gained from BI solutions can enable the firms to define what truly drives a specific business and offer the organizations with transparent business results. Based on the results, businesses can unify their strategies and organizational direction, maximize efficiency and performance of their existing resources, uncover hidden opportunities for business improvement, and centralize and simplify organization access to important information.