Top 10 CPM Solution Companies - 2020

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Top 10 CPM Solution Companies - 2020

With the recent advances in technology, the conventional performance management procedures in organizations have gone beyond devising strategies, policies and practices for establishing performance expectations, and measuring and monitoring the results. Business leaders are increasingly adopting a comprehensive performance management system that further plays an imperative role in attracting and retaining key employees. These systems are being designed specifically to help significantly improve a company’s overall business performance. This restructuring is often also focused on employee performance management strategies to drive business results and enhance productivity through employee engagement. Organizations are prioritizing continuous feedback and leveraging tools that provide real-time analysis of employee potential.

Besides keeping every employee aligned with the organization strategy, managers today are focused on building a culture of open communication as a way to gauge worker effectiveness. The pressing need for real-time corporate performance analysis and reduced operating costs are driving the adoption of CPM solutions worldwide. By assessing the overhead costs and reviewing performance metrics, CPM enables business organizations to conform to their performance objectives. CPM creates lucrative business opportunities by effectively analyzing historic and current market trends and providing valuable insights to enterprises. CPM smartly integrates all the HR technology tools that companies need to map out career trajectories and mentor people to become their best selves.

With CPM playing a pivotal role in shaping today’s enterprises, determining the appropriate solution provider becomes a daunting task. In the latest edition of CFO Tech Outlook, we bring to you “Top 10 Corporate Performance Management Solution Companies - 2020.”

    Top CPM Solution Companies

  • Centage empowers business leaders to make timely, data-driven decisions by providing them with actionable intelligence about the current and projected future health of their businesses. Its CPM solution includes essentials like Planning Maestro, Budget Maestro, Analytics Maestro, and Data Integrators. By automating core tasks and providing a line-of-sight into an organization’s future health with the help of Centage solution, the company helps its clients orchestrate a new era of agile decision making, react quickly to market changes, take intelligent risks, and capitalize on new opportunities. By choosing Centage as the business partner, enterprises can future-proof their business and career, switch to Intelligent Planning & Analytics, and ultimately become a maestro for business

  • Delbridge Solutions is a privately held company with offices in Canada, the US, and Romania. It specializes in providing Corporate Performance Management and Business Analytics solutions. Its Corporate Performance Management (CPM) portfolio includes Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidations, and Reporting solutions. The company is a team of professional consultants passionate about solutions they deliver and committed to every customer’s success. Delbridge can act as a long term partner supporting and enabling its clients in all their initiatives in the space of Corporate Performance Management and Business Analytics

  • Innovus Partners, a leading provider of CPM and Business Intelligence consulting services on the Oracle platform, assists organizations with employing proven and tested methods that improve their CPM processes. Innovus offers a balance of both functional and technical expertise, enabling clients to realize their vision of achieving true Corporate Performance Management. Combining both the innovation and simplicity of Oracle EPM Cloud, companies are able to align management strategy with operational goals, report with confidence, and drive predictable performance. Innovus enables organizations to utilize a single unified platform that supports the unique processes that encompass CPM

  • SYSPHERA is a Brazilian software company serving in the CPM space and is specialized in Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting & Consolidation solutions. The company’s Corporate Performance Management solutions are tools that allow companies to measure, monitor, and manage their operations, with a positive and significant impact on their performance. SYSPHERA offers a robust technology of application integration, which allows focusing on information derived from any CPM, ERP, Office applications, or any file database. The company is globally operating and has offices in Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Mexico, the USA, and Portugal

  • Board


    Board International is a global software vendor leading the way in Business Intelligence, Analytics and CPM unification. Founded in 1994, Board has enabled over 3000 companies worldwide to improve the effectiveness of their management decision making processes, unifying BI, Business Analytics and CPM in a single integrated environment. Board provides a seamless solution for the support, control and management of core processes such as: Reporting and Analyses Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting , Profitability Modeling and Optimization ,Simulation and What-if Analysis

  • Jedox


    Jedox empowers business professionals to gather data, share knowledge, and align on common objectives across the organization. With Jedox, firms can streamline any data-driven process – from strategic planning to sophisticated predictive analytical models or operational performance monitoring. Jedox also helps business users work smarter, streamline business collaboration, and make insight-based decisions with confidence. Jedox’s CPM solution controls the entire value chain, uses AI to support planning, analysis, and reporting, and finally optimizes value chain step-by-step with measurable benefits. Over 2,500 organizations in 140 countries use Jedox for real-time planning on the web, the cloud, and on any device

  • Longview


    Longview develops enterprise management solutions that drive competitive advantages for Finance and Tax teams. Its solutions drive speed, accuracy, and productivity while providing vital insights from vast and disparate data sources. Longview elevates planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analytics, and validation to strategic business processes. Longview’s vast domain knowledge and experience, combined with its state of the art on-premise and cloud-based platform, offer the most robust and advanced performance management solution in the market place. Longview is a global firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices across the world

  • nexDimension


    nexDimension is an IBM & Microsoft Preferred Partner that holds expertise in Financial Reporting & Consolidations, Dashboards & Alerts, Budgeting & Planning, ERP, CRM, and Systems Integration. Overall, the firm is dedicated to enhancing corporate performance management of the businesses. Its Corporate Performance Management solutions are complemented with Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to address modern business needs. The above solutions have a direct impact on a business’s operations along with recognizable cost savings, elimination of complicated processes, accessing dependable, accurate information, and an easy-to-maintain system

  • OneStream


    OneStream Software is a modern, unified platform for corporate performance management. The organization's primary mission is to deliver 100 percent consumer success by continually listening to the developing needs of its customers to determine the direction of the service, platform, and support. OneStream is a world where finance departments harness modern software applications that unify and streamline CPM processes across the enterprise, reduce system maintenance, and enable them to get back to business and life. OneStream Software streamlines and aligns consolidation, reporting, planning, and data quality processes across the enterprise, enabling customers to extend their investment via a marketplace of pre-built solutions and utilities

  • Prophix


    Prophix Software is a unified corporate performance management software provider, empowering its users to be more forward-thinking and proactive when making decisions. The company enhances profitability and reduces risk by helping a business automate repetitive tasks and center on what matters. Prophix budgets, consolidate, plans, and reports automatically. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Prophix helps a business's future with a platform that flexes to suit strategic realities, today and tomorrow. Prophix Software is a leading provider of FP&A solutions that provides excellent value for the price