Delbridge Solutions: Accelerated 'Perfect' Corporate Performance Management Solution...
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Delbridge Solutions: Accelerated 'Perfect' Corporate Performance Management Solution Implementation

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Delbridge Solutions, Delbridge SolutionsLeon Kharkhourin, CEO
Choosing the right financial reporting and budgeting solution is tricky, to say the least. While there are abundant Office of Finance solutions available in the market, what companies fail to understand is the complexity involved in adapting these solutions to their unique business environment and requirements. Certainly, companies need the help of experts who have the domain knowledge, technical understanding, and functional expertise to make the right choices. As an expert vendor evaluation and implementation consulting services provider in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions space, Delbridge Solutions helps companies understand and overcome the intricacies. Based on years of experience and expertise in the industry, Delbridge acts as a trusted advisor to help customers select the right solutions, implement them effectively and provide on-going support services. Backed by a collaborative approach, Delbridge leverages its extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of accounting principles, financial planning and analysis and finance compliance regulations to help clients automate and enhance their financial processes.

Delbridge supports all leading platforms in the CPM space for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, business intelligence and reporting needs including Vena Solutions, CCH Tagetik, Prophix, IBM Cognos Planning Analytics, SAP BPC, Oracle PBCS and Adaptive Insights. Being a platform agnostic company, Delbridge believes in aligning with the client’s needs in order to recommend the right platform rather than just selling software.

“Many clients have unique processes and the biggest challenge is to include and configure industry best practices in order to find the right balance with their requirements while implementing a solution,” says Leon Kharkhourin, CEO at Delbridge Solutions. To allay client concerns, Delbridge’s strategic approach ensures that they maintain constant interaction and garner consistent feedback from the end users to ensure that the client’s team becomes self-sufficient and makes optimal utilization of the platform.

At the heart of Delbridge’s engagement strategy is their joint application design session that they hold with a client at the start of every project.

We never design in silos. We ensure maximum participation and engagement of the client across the design, development and testing phases of the project and the subsequent support and evolution of the solutions

The design session helps Delbridge comprehend the client’s existing processes, the different user and business requirements, different business perspectives, and the client’s future plans. This analysis ensures a scalable and easy-to-use solution is implemented that will support and automate existing and future process and will help to fuel business growth. “We never design in silos. We ensure maximum client participation and engagement across the design, development and testing phases of the project and the subsequent support and evolution of the solutions,” says Kharkhourin. The aim is to enable the client to develop the required platform expertise and drive the ROI.

Delbridge’s solution enables a client to implement different processes and technologies on the same platform. To ease data integration complexity, the company optimizes data flow during a solution implementation, breaking the silos across the infrastructure. Solution implementation usually begins with a measured, phased approach wherein a client can assess the success of the implementation and explore multiple areas of finance that can be optimized and automated. These capabilities have borne fruit for many organizations from different industries and market segments, including top financial institutions, legal firms, and manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and more.

As an example, a mid-sized financial services company purchased software from one of Delbridge’s vendor partners. They were looking for implementation expertise to support their various financial offerings. Delbridge, with its industry-specific expertise, implemented the solution within two months as opposed to the earlier estimate of four months provided by the vendor partner.

Delbridge is planning to implement new technologies and continue to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of this organization’s financial processes. The company is also gaining momentum in helping businesses build budgeting and financial reporting solutions that aggregate and summarize various critical business KPIs into one system to provide insights into the company’s performance to the stakeholders.