Innovus Partners: Translate Financial Goals into Operational Plans

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Innovus Partners: Translate Financial Goals into Operational Plans

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RJ Linehan, Managing Partner, Innovus PartnersRJ Linehan, Managing Partner
Over the past few years, the debate about performance management has been characterized as a debate about outdated and manual processes— whether or not to break free from the reliance on spreadsheets. In this day and age, the debate over whether or not to adopt cloud solutions into the business is quickly turning to a question of “when?” rather than “if?”. What modern businesses require is a corporate performance management (CPM) solution—combined with innovation and simplicity of the cloud—that augments budgeting procedures, finance, and operational plans, predictable performance, cost management, sophisticated reporting and more.

From formulating organizational strategies with data analytics, processing and reporting to monitoring and managing the performance of an enterprise, the cloud-based CPM tools drive accountability across the enterprise by aligning strategic, financial, and operational goals. However, the challenge boils down to implementing these tools in a streamlined fashion within an organization to simplify business processes and maximize efficiency.

With deep roots in CPM, New York-based Innovus Partners brings in two decades of rich technical knowledge and real-world business experience to assist organizations—both large and small—in achieving their vision of optimal corporate performance management. Having initially started as a purely project-based business implementing solutions leveraging on-premise technologies, Innovus Partners has maintained pace with the evolving business landscape, and now collaboratively works with Oracle to implement cloud-based solutions. The company harnesses a pragmatic deployment approach to help solutions get up and running with their business and technical acumen, guidance, support, and managed services.

“We leverage our CPM experience and expertise on the functional aspects of a business, understand them and assist enterprises to improve their performance reporting processes,” states RJ Linehan, Managing Partner at Innovus Partners.

Innovus Partners provides enterprises with CPM solutions that eliminate the time required to format, manage and verify worksheets while leveraging cloud technology to do the heavy lifting. This enables enterprises to make improved business decisions. Innovus Partners simplifies acquisition and management of factual data and metadata while adopting centralized, process-driven CPM solutions at all levels of an organization. Innovus Partners empowers its clients with a rich knowledge of CPM implementation strategies to improve their business processes. “We understand our clients’ business problems, translate it into technical requirements, and assist them in leveraging the best-fit CPM tools to refine their processes,” explains Linehan.

Innovus Partners follows a distinctive ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ methodology that breaks down the entire performance management process to streamline it one step at a time. With this agile approach, Innovus Partners offers customizable, out-of-the-box CPM features that enable enterprises to unravel the desired CPM solution implementation. Recently, one of Innovus Partners’ client—an international manufacturing company comprising numerous legal entities, was utilizing a tedious and time-consuming CPM solution that manually consolidated their financials in over seven business days. Innovus Partners’ experience-rich team assisted the client in implementing the CPM solution to support numerous financial statements reporting across different business units within the organization. Additionally, the client was able to incorporate a variety of requirements pertaining to non-financial reporting data into the CPM solution with the ability to track the translations and consolidations, all in a day’s time.

With similar stories highlighting the company’s illustrious track record, Innovus Partners aims to better understand and embrace cloud technology as a toolkit while bolstering the overall user experience. Apart from expanding its footprint in the cloud technology space, the company is looking forward to catering its solution to smaller companies and helping them climb the market without compromising on process quality. “We are there for one thing, and that's to make their processes better,” Linehan concludes.